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Anejo Rum

Brugal, Coleccion Visionaria, Edicion 01, 700ml

Brugal, Coleccion Visionaria, Edicion 01, 700ml

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Brugal has just released their latest premium rum, the first edition of the Colección Visionaria. To craft this rum, Brugal took French oak barrels and used a unique process to season them with a heightened chocolate aroma. The barrels were filled with cacao beans and then charred, imparting the barrels with the essence of roasted cacao. The rum is first aged in ex- bourbon casks in the warm, Caribbean climate of the Dominican Republic and is then finished in these treated barrels. 

On the nose, the Colección Visionaria presents a bouquet of vanilla, and mangowith a hint of dark chocolate. The cacao used to toast the barrels definitely doesn’t overpower this rum. The palate is creamy with rich notes of vanilla, a bit of ripe banana, dried fruit, and as expected, more chocolate. The finish is a bit short, but satisfying with cacao, vanilla, and caramel being the most prevalent flavors followed up by a hint of mango juice and cinnamon.

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