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5 Sentidos, Espadin Capon Tequila, 750 ml

5 Sentidos, Espadin Capon Tequila, 750 ml

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Alberto Martinez and his son-in-law Reynaldo distilled this batch at their palenque in Santa Catarina Albarradas, located 7500 feet above sea level. Alberto and Reynaldo harvested 34 "capón" Espadin agaves. Capón describes cutting off the quiote, or stalk of the agave, after it has sprouted and allowing it to sit in the field for an extended period of time to allow sugars to concentrate. In this case, the agaves were left for almost one year. The result is a spirit that is satisfyingly sweet like hard candy and savory with a creamy texture. Notes of sweet cream, buttery, candy apple. A long mineral finish with flavors of baked pie and cinnamon.

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