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Frapin, Extra, Grande Champagne Cognac, 750 ml

Frapin, Extra, Grande Champagne Cognac, 750 ml

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The Frapin Extra Grande Champagne Cognac is the product of having delved deep into the family cellars to retrieve the most precious of eaux-de-vie for a spectacular blend that is the most highly coveted cuvee from the house. It contains a combination of eaux-de-vie up to 40 and 50 years in age, and has therefore been aged wonderfully over a series of decades. It has also cinched itself a number of awards internationally, and is a fine Grande Champagne Cognac.

The palate is supple, smooth, rich and luxurious, with an exceptionally long finish in which all the flavours combine in a subtle and complex harmony. Notes on the bouquet include the famous «rancio» (oxidative notes) found in Grande Champagne cognacs distilled over lees and aged for several decades. 

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