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Cardenxe Sotol De la Sierra, 750 ml

Cardenxe Sotol De la Sierra, 750 ml

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Cardenxe Sotol is a terroir-inspired premium craft spirit, distilled from the heart of the Dasylirion plant (desert spoon), in North of Mexico.

Aroma - pungent, earthy
Texture - balanced body, refreshing mouthfeel
Taste - Subtle floral notes of eucalyptus, moss & nuts fill the palate, transforming into a vigorous grassy aftertaste that evokes the high altitude forests where the sotol plants grow

Oven: Underground conical oven with lava stones and pine tree wood
Crushing: Hand-operated axe
Fermentation: Wild fermented in resin vats with natural yeast for 10-14 days
Distillation: Double distilled in pine wood fired copper pots

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